HgoL was started in 2011 because there was no real acceptance of Leather Women in the Houston area. Least of all Leather Women who had service in their hearts. Of course Leather Women were accepted by their Leather Brothers but there was no place that we could go to share our love of Leather. Most surrounding clubs or establishments were geared towards Gay Leather Men.

A local Leather Woman, Pixie, decided to breakdown some dividing walls. She went to local establishments and started conversing with the owners to gain their trust so Leather Women could start to be accepted into the male dominated Gay Leather areas. Of course she encountered resistance at first. But slowly over time she was shown more and more love. Pixie recruited Kitty and Anna to join her endeavor and thus created HgoL. They then started recruiting more Leather Women who had service in their hearts. They not only wanted to be a part of the community they wanted to give back to the community.  

The founding member, Pixie has since stepped away from the club due to health reasons but it was taken over by her friend, squeak. We are now 8 members strong and still looking for more. Are we perfect, not by any means, but we are committed to helping the LGBTQ community and our brother clubs in whatever way we can. We look forward to becoming stronger in the future with more members and even more acceptance of our Gay Brothers in Leather. 


HgoL Donated a total of $1014 in 2016 to a variety of places Including: Omega House (Donated  Household/Self Care goods for Residents), American Heart Association in honor of Gene, Assist Hers, MS 150, Equality Florida for Pulse Victims, K9 Angels (Pups charity for Pups Anniversary), and Bunny Buddies for (Valerie’s Charity).

HgoL has also donated a Gift Basket to Auction at the GCAM Tent Revival. A small bench & bear combo was also auctioned at the GoM Chair-ity Event, a girls flag designed pair of shorts were auctioned off at the NLA Underwear Auction, a Gingerbread House was given for auction and a Wreath was auctioned for the BoM Event.

HgoL has also volunteered their services and time to help out at several functions during the year that include: Coronation, Spring Iniquity, Hatch Fundraiser & Prom, Houston Food Bank, GLUE Registration/Reception, and the Fall Festival at Ripcord. The girls have also walked for several great organizations and charities, including: CFISD, TCH, the MS walk and the Aids Walk.



Awards & Recognition

  • Houston girls of Leather is Hereby Invested as Keeper of boy Cubby’s Nelly Pink Side


Awards & Recognition 2017

Events Attended

  • Events Attended: 

                    1/16/16 – ERSICSS Coronation 

                    2/11/16 to 2/14/16- LUEY 

                  2/27/16- CFISD Walk

                    2/28/16 – Assist Hers Decadent Desserts and Dancing  

                    3/16/16- Aids Walk

                   4/8/16 to 4/10/16 – Spring Iniquity 

                    4/9/16 – TCH Fun Run/Walk Donations by Lizzy & Kris 

                   4/23/16- GoM – NO Labels Event 

                   4/28/16- Dine out for Life 2016  

                    5/7/16 – Cubby/Alan (ERSICSS) – Hatch Event 

                   5/14/16- Houston Food Bank 

                   6/2/16- Hatch Prom   

                    6/12/16- PotLuck Dinner 

                   6/12/16- RatPack Event (Mr Lonestar

                    7/3/16- Kuntry Bears @George   

                    7/15/16– Chair-ity Event Chair (Chair donation $20ea) 

                    IPC – 

                    7/24/16- LoneStar Leather Lunch 

                   8/5/16 to 8/7/16 – WILL 

                    8/20/16- GoM Event 

                    NLA Underwear Auction 

                    10/7/16 to 10/8/16– GLUE Registration/Reception

                   11/6/16- MS Walk – 

                    11/12/16- Fall Festival Ripcord 

                   11/26/16- Gingerbread House (Cubby) Event 

                    12/1/16- Wreath (BoM) Event  

Contact us

Please contact us at houstongirlsofleather@yahoo.com

Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Houstongol

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